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Project Name

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        “I engaged Jessica, at Resmini Architecture, to design a new, from the ground, up guest house in 2008 and worked with Jessica extensively during the design process. She was great about taking my general (and often vague) ideas and converting them into a fantastic design. She really did a wonderful job of making sure that the new house fit with the look, aesthetics, and general feel of my main house and the backyard in general. Jessica was also able to navigate the complicated and sometimes contradictory requirements of the Palo Alto building department and took care of all the permitting for the project.

        One really great thing about Jessica is she didn't just hand the builder a set of plans and walk away. Instead she was really involved during the construction phase and was often on site making sure everything went according to plan. She had a great interaction with the contractor which really helped to make sure everyone had the same vision.

        I've had many people comment on how great the new guest house is and that it fits in so well that it looks like it was always there. I use it every day as my office when guests aren't over and I absolutely love it.

        In fact, I was so happy with her work that I hired her for some remodels on my main house and they came out fantastic. 

        I can absolutely recommend Jess - she is great! In fact, both my sisters have hired her and my parents will probably do the same. None of them knew they wanted to do a remodel but her work really inspired them. 

                                                                      -Robert Klein, Palo Alto

    “Jessica arrived at our original project at a critical and chaotic time and was able to professionally and efficiently pull together a very successful solution in spite  of the challenges.  

    We have since engaged her to design a much larger and more complex project. We are not only delighted with her fantastic architectural style, but as importantly her ability to incorporate maximum efficiency.  

    We don’t know what to rate as her greatest asset;  her professionalism, her style of communication and collaboration; the personal care and concern she demonstrates throughout the project and of course, her unique gift in design.   In addition, she has been a spot on resource beyond her scope of work by volunteering recommendations for  project management, great people, products and price.  

    She is that bright light we all hope to find as we fumble our way down the dark tunnel of construction.”

                                                           -Patricia Giffin, Woodside

Sometimes I like to ask friends what their superpower is. Mine, I know, is the ability to peel an orange and end up with one continuous rind. Not so impressive, but there it is. My son, Gil used to win every game of War he played (maybe superpowers expire). Others have more socially enviable aptitude, such as community builder superhero, or do-everything-and-make-it-look-easy hero (I hate them, personally).

Possibly the best superpower of all is the ability to unexpectedly communicate in another language, revealing a razor sharp competency beneath an unassuming exterior. In one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies, a timid-appearing Jewish guy walks through a train station in Berlin, being trailed menacingly by a bunch of neonazi punks. He ignores them as they get closer and closer... suddenly they begin, as skinheads do, to beat up his companion's friends. He whirls around, kicks some ass, and snarls in surprisingly fluent German [I'm paraphrasing] "Go to hell motherfuckers!" Booyah. Oh yeah, and he's Mossad too. Awesome.

When we first met our architect Jessica, finding a superhero was not foremost on our minds.

Mainly we were looking for creativity and functionality, someone who could help us translate our needs and ideas into feasible plans. In fact, one of the selling points she gave when we initially interviewed her was her ability to listen. She did listen, and ultimately delivered a design that we love, despite the limitations of square footage and physics. It was a fun process, and we looked forward to our meetings with Jess as the plans and ideas evolved. I learned new terms such as soffit and fascia, and even picked up a few skills. Who knew that all you need to draw a toilet is a rectangle and a circle? Amazing. The best thing was that she seemed so normal, a mom with two young boys, fun to chat with, and genuinely nice.

Her superpowers, however, were not immediately apparent, until we sat together in a city planning meeting discussing roof lines and aesthetics; without warning she suddenly code-switched and spoke with the planners like an expert. The review board pretended to be friendly, but then lunged like cobras: "The PROBLEM with the gidniff is that it's too snorky. It needs to be more mostrilesque." She countered coolly, "these gidniffs are burukated in such a way that the oopside bunderhosts geminally." Ahhh. said the planners. "good point." Booyah. David and I glanced at each other in bewilderment and relief. She can talk the talk! The same thing followed in exchanges with structural engineers, contractors, city workers and green consultants. She knew what they were talking about, too!

Like any self-respecting superhero, Jessica could also walk the walk, as it turned out. She's crawled into our crawl space to measure the spacing of the supports, and scaled our roof in a single bound, to determine the best views for our second story windows . Our experienced contractor has remarked more than once that Jess' plans are the most detailed he's ever seen. So here's to you, Jessica. Our gidniffs will forever be burukated, and we thank you.

                                                            -Evi Klein